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myv_kai's Journal

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Miyavi/Kai jrock yaoi pairing community

Community Guidelines

  • No flaming others. Flaming someone's comments, art, or fanfiction will result in deletion of the comment or post. If you don't quit, you'll be banned.
  • Some people are on really slow dial-up, may be checking the community from work or school, or just don't want to clog their friends pages. So, when posting fanfiction, a big picture or more than a couple small pictures: use the cut. If you don't know what the cut is, it is < lj-cut text="More..." > < /lj-cut > without the spaces by < and >.
  • Some people are watching the community from work or might be uncomfortable about reading something lemony. So, please state when something is R or NC-17 rated and make sure it is under a LJ-Cut.
  • If you do not want your fanfiction or fanart logged in the memories, mention it in the post and it won't be.
  • Please don't advertise for other communities, sites or for e-bay items that are not at least Miyavi and Kai-related. If they are Miyavi/Kai related (as in, them as a couple) then that would be even better~! XD Also, please, stay on topic.
  • Posting things like icons, wallpaper, skins, etc. are also ok. But remember to put them under a LJ-Cut. And, as with everything else, it all has to be Miyavi and Kai-related! (Whether they are lovers, sex buddies, good friends, etc. They should at least be together in some form). But, if you would like to post any of the things mentioned and it is of only one of the boys (either Kai or Miyavi) then please mention that in your post. Just put something like "Kai ONLY!" or "Miyavi ONLY!" in the title or the post somewhere so people will know it is of them separately. ^_^

  • Posting a introduction post is perfectly ok. It will inform others that you just joined and allow them to get to know a little bit about you. <3

  • Comm. Journal <3 Paisley (Co-Admin) <3 Giru (Co-Admin)
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    • Want to affiliate with us~? Just email or message beautifool_ish (or if you're in a hurry, ask on the Comm itself. XD)

    Miyavi loves Kai... Shh, pass it on~

    The infamous backstage footage of Miyavi harassing and kissing Kai.

    Want to download it for future enjoyment~? Click here~!